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As a worship leader and singer/songwriter, Ruth has travelled extensively across North America ,Europe, and Israel, and her deepest desire is to see the body of Christ enter into a truly intimate relationship with Jesus, that goes far beyond corporate worship. Ruth honours and loves the prophetic, and feels an urgency in this hour, for us to be awakened to the purposes of God. Ruth says: “Listening for His voice is the most important thing for us to be doing. I believe that there is a realm that the Lord is wanting to bring us into, in which we will begin to see with a 'Kingdom of God' perspective. I feel sure that it is on God's heart to bring us there, and in that place, for us to come to a greater understanding of who He is, and of who we are in Him. It is time for the Church to be functioning as real citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven. This is what I am giving my heart to! I want to learn how to live that way" Professional Biography Born in England, Ruth Fazal began her musical studies on the piano and the violin, studying at Dartington College for the Arts, before going on to graduate from the Guildhall School of Music in London. From there, Ruth went on to further studies on the violin in Paris, France. Since emigrating to Canada, Ruth has performed with all of the major orchestras in the city, as well as being actively involved in many chamber music ensembles. Ruth is currently concertmaster of four different orchestras in the Toronto area, and thoroughly enjoys her musical life in the city. Her most recent classical composition for choirs and symphony orchestra, Oratorio Terezin, has won much critical acclaim both in Canada, Europe, Israel and US. Using the poetry of children from the Holocaust, woven together with the Hebrew scriptures, this work explores the emotions of the heart of God in the midst of human suffering; specifically the suffering of His beloved people Israel during this dark period of history.
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Inside Your Heart
Ruth Fazal
6 песен / 1999 г.

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